We specialize in US residential real estate investments, with a focus on the single and multifamily rental markets. Our projects aim to create value for all stakeholders and provide compelling, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Dr. Patrick 

“The current situation in the European real estate market is rather challenging and real estate investments in the United States have proven to be a valuable diversification alternative. We focus on the fast-growing US residential rental market and offer co-investment opportunities. We are entrepreneurs, just like our investors, and our interests are aligned.”  

About Us

Investments in US property + Booming Sunbelt region + Rental property asset class

Track Record

Why choose us?

  • Gain access to the ever-expanding US real estate market
  • We are focused on high-performing asset classes: multifamily and single-family rental properties 
  • Co-investment with GAR shareholders  
  • Ongoing dividend yields and compelling total returns > 12% p.a. 


Our clients

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on multifamily asset class

billion in transaction
volume since 2014

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