Our Strategy
Why invest in the US residential sector?

In addition to a stable long-term economy, the US real estate market benefits from consistent population growth, especially in our target markets, as well as a demographic shift with an increasing preference for renting. We provide investment opportunities in institutionally managed multifamily communities, as well as portfolios of single-family homes for rent.

There is excess demand for rental housing and the South- and Southeast- are the fastest-growing regions of the United States in this respect. The “Sunbelt” region is characterized by a lower cost of living, tax advantages, and a high quality of life.

Dr. Gisbert

“This asset class operates differently in the United States than it does in Germany. The legal framework is investor friendly and lease agreements are usually signed for a one-year term. Rents can be adjusted more quickly to reflect changes in market rents. This provides an opportunity and a risk at the same time. Investment success depends on the quality and management of the property. In the current volatile capital market environment, an inflation hedge can be achieved.”

Our model for success

  • Intelligent investment analysis
  • Deal sourcing via partner network
  • Purchase below replacement costs (value add)
  • Value enhancement (value add)
  • Liberal rental legislation 
  • Rental solutions for middle income households
  • Growth locations with high demand
  • Strong and reliable partners

What we do?

We focus on all opportunities within the residential asset class. Every project is selected in close cooperation with our US partners, aiming to create value for all involved.

How do we do it

We create value across all phases of an investment. As co-investors, we also invest our own equity and manage all major decisions, including strategic asset management initiatives, financing strategy and hold-/sell decisions. Our goal is to increase revenues and enhance the value of the property.

Partner selection of qualified
US operating companies

Asset selection and
Due Diligence process 

Raise capital and provide
legal framework for
investors to subscribe 

Execute business plan
(Value Add investments or developments)

Active fund-,
and risk management 

Profitable sale